Software & Hardware support for all your Mac Laptop needs:

Hi, the service & repair of Apple Mac laptops most often will require a higher grade of skill & expertise by  the technician involved. This is especially so in terms of hardware repairs. Too often I have seen the end consequences when leaving your precious Macbook to an un-qualified ‘Servicio tecnico’. Apart from the missing screws, damaged motherboards, damaged casings, tool marks over the edges, broken flex cables, cracked plastic casings (as a result from the prying open of the casing/body with the use the wrong tools) etc etc… there’s also the the expense & the heartbreak of seeing your computer coming back in a worse condition than when you first took it in for service.

That’s why, in spite of having serviced Mac notebooks since 1997, all my repairs are carried through, in strict accordance to the standards & procedures employed in the Mac Service Manuals. I have in my possession all the repair & dis-assembly service manuals ever produced by Apple Mac for all it’s laptops models manufactured up until the latest Macbook pro &  air notebook models. When it comes to the repair & dis-assembly of any Mac notebook, there are strict procedures that must be followed through & any deviations will result in an inferior service. My Mac services & skills are inferior to none, and more importantly, I love  working & servicing Mac notebooks.

Mac Software & Program troubleshooting:

In the area of Apple Mac software configuration & program services, I am also able to complement it with my background in professional data recovery services specifically geared  for the apple mac platform. Having worked  in professional Data Recovery Services for other Apple Mac Service Centers back in Sydney, enables me to provide you with that extra security when rescuing, transferring & safely storing your precious personal data. No matter what needs to be done, at every step of the way, I follow a strict & methodical procedures. For example, when we need to re-install your Mac’s OSX, two separate back up copies of your data will be made to two separate storage disks before we reformat & re-install a new copy of OSX. This is a tried & true method of ensuring maximum safety of all your data. As a daily Mac user myself, I have an appreciation for all the details that go when relying on my mac  to do my work & daily tasks. Maintaining a mac system is most often a breeze in itself, but it’s not always the same case when having to find & install third party programs &  applications. Compatibility & configuration issues will always surface no matter what OS platform you use, be it Mac, Windows or Linux. This is where I can make a big difference in my Mac specific services to you.  I can help you through the fine tuning process of locating & installing that hard to find windows substitute program or example, I have found many open source applications that run perfectly on Mac OSX but may not necessarily  be available for Windows..Apple Mac products in general fulfill a unique function for the portable computing public, this need for a higher quality user friendly product also demands a higher service standard. As a daily Mac user myself, I am confident when I say that I can provide you with a superior Mac service in all areas of Mac support. Be it hardware support, software or Data Recovery, I am the complete one stop service for all your Apple Mac needs.

MacBook Specific Services Provided:

  • OSX troubleshooting of all faults & configuration issues.
  • Re-installations of all versions of OSX.
  • Data recovery from Hard Drive failure or accidental deletion.
  • Data retrieval & transfers from old macbooks to newer ones.
  • All networking troubleshooting & solutions.
  • Memory, Hard disk & all other upgrades.
  • All Mac Program trouble shooting & solutions.
  • Internal Cooling system blockage Cleaning service.
  • Broken ports replacement inc mic/stereo/USB/Firewire/Ext-Monitor ports.
  • Laptop LCD and LED Screens Replaced.
  • Backlight Inverter & Bulbs Replaced.
  • MacBook Hard Drives Repaired and Upgraded.
  • Logic Boards Repaired and Replaced.
  • MacBook Keyboards Replaced and Repaired.
  • Broken Power Adapter & power cable repairs.
And in those cases where your Macbook is beyond repair, I can still provide you with a very valuable service…yes… I can…read on;
Why not run Mac OSX 10.6 on a small & portable netbook? Yes, I can install Mac OSX 10.6  (Snow Leopard ) on certain Netbook brands such as Asus, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Lenovo etc  just  to name a few. The obvious advantages are that your hardware costs may be a quarter or less than the purchase cost of a new Macbook. This is an invaluable solution for when you find yourself stranded without your Mac notebook here in Argentina, being that all laptops here may cost almost double the price of purchase compared to buying it back home. Feel free to give me a call to discuss the many options & solutions that I may be able to provide you with during your stay here in Argentina.

Mobile 15 5600 8680 (international +54911 5600 8680).