data recovery

Professional data recovery services  for all media types & operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac & Linux. As you may already be aware, there are many different ways that data loss can occur. From accidentally deleted files, partition errors, boot sector errors & viruses etc to the more serious hardware related problems such as bad sector damage, non spinning disks, electronic failure, accidental drop/shock damage or power surges etc. The bottom line is that most of the time your data can be recovered, partially or whole, but it will all depend on the level of professional expertise & experience by those who offer to recover the data for you. Most computer shops or ‘servicio tecnicos’ are ill equipped for such delicate & specialized recovery procedures. Applying the wrong recovery program or employing the incorrect recovery technique to match the specific condition of your hard drive problem will not only prove unsuccessful in recovering any data, but will also use up those vital last few minutes of life that your hard disk may have left  while still operational. Your hard disk may only have 30 or so minutes of life left before you loose all your data permanently and so if the incorrect recovery procedure is employed that window of opportunity will be lost. Timing is the key. Once the opportunity is lost the the cost of recovery becomes even more expensive. That’s why  as soon as your data becomes inaccessible, the quicker I get to it the cheaper the recovery costs will be. Even if your files are invisible, chances are high that I’ll still be able to recover them. My background & wealth of experience in Data Recovery while sub-contracting my work to various other service centers back in Sydney over the last 13 years, has enabled me to confidently provide this service to you without the need for the middle man, therefore at a much lower cost.