Software solutions for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac & Linux in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish etc:

Nothing is more important than your precious personal photos, documents, music, emails & data etc. And when it comes down to restoring your computer back to working condition after a virus attack or a software problem I follow very strict procedures in order to ensure the maximum safety of all your precious personal data files. As standard operating procedure I always make two different types of data back ups on to two different & separate storage media before any re-installation of your programs takes place. The first backup is an exact duplicate copy of your hard disk on to another  hard disk, in what ever state your disk was in at the time that you brought it in to me. This gives us two exact same hard disks with the exact same original data stored on both drives, your disk & a copy of it. Then we do another secondary backup copy of your files, but this time, unlike the first back up,  I do a manual copy of just your important personal files like your My Documents folder, Desktop, emails & contacts, bookmarks, Skype History, etc etc. These carefully selected files exclude the operating system & program files that can usually carry infections from a virus or Trojan. This secondary backup of your data is then put through a thorough virus/Trojan cleaning scan in order to eliminate any infections. This process may take up to six or eight hours or more to complete depending on the amount of data you may have. Only after making sure I have made two separate backup copies of all your personal files, I will then proceed to do a secure wipe of your entire  infected hard disk. This is the only way of ensuring that there are no hidden low level Bots, Root-kits, Trojans & Viruses left hiding on your hard disk surface for when we have to re-install  all the programs.

Theoretically, you could format a hard disk one million times & you will still not eradicate a hidden root-kit/Trojan/virus infection. When you format a hard drive all you are doing is erasing out the old index table that tells your computer what is stored in your hard disk, it DOES NOT erase the actual files sitting on the surface of your disk. Erasing the index only makes your original files invisible, they are still there on your drive until they are eventually overwritten by other data files. I can ensure that no files are ever lost in the process of restoring your system cause I always make double sure, that at all times, I have two separate backed up copies of all your data. Nothing is lost & all is restored back along with all the most important programs that you were using prior to the computer crash. Aside from the original version of Microsoft windows that your computer came with, I will re-install all the essential programs like an Anti-Virus program, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, CD/DVD burning programs, Adobe Photoshop, Firefox browser, Skype & the Skype conversation records, etc etc.